Saturday, August 05, 2006

New Post At Last!

I made a mini-scrapbook last night. Here it is (captions beneath each photo):

Albion Castle Cover

Albion Castle Pages 1&2

The tag on the left page reads: "Albion Castle".
The text on the right page: "In June 2006, Penny and I stayed a weekend at her mother's home, Albion Castle, in Hunter's Point, San Francisco, while attending a class at San Francisco School of Law."

Albion Castle Pages 3&4
Tag on Left Page: "The castle was a brewery converted to a private residence, last purchased in 2005 by auction."
Text on Left Page: "Steep, uneven stairs yield to a beautiful front patio. I was surprised!"

Albion Castle Pages 5&6

Tag on Left Page: "Kitchen and Dining Room in the midst of remodeling."
Tag on Right Page: "Courtyard view from above."

Albion Castle Pages 7&8

Tag on Left Page: "The Master Suite"
Text on Right Page:
"There are three (or four?) other bedrooms in the castle, one on the other side of this bathroom, and one in each tower. They have not yet been "finished"--remodeling is a slow task.
The Master Suite, however, is beautiful and absolutely fit for a queen!"

Albion Castle Pages 9&10

Text on Left Page: "Directly across from the garage at Albion Castle is a stark reminder that we are, in fact, in Hunter's Point."
Text on Right Page:
"After we dropped off her daughter, Penny and I started our weekend by going out for dinner. We were, unfortunately, plagued by Jehovah's Witnesses and families with mean dynamics. Yeuch.
On Saturday, we went to a 1-unit class on Travel Law, and on Saturday evening, instead of reading the Travel Law book, we started sewing her wedding dress.
I don't remember much specific detail about the weekend, only that we laughed a lot, blamed everything under the sun on the Jehovah's Witnesses, and formed a strong friendship.
All law school courses should be so good!"