Thursday, December 31, 2009

Boston Terrier Sweater

This was made for Sam, whose chest behind his forelegs is 22” around, and whose body length from neck to rump is about 16.5”.

If your BT is larger or smaller, longer or shorter, this pattern is easily adaptable.

Size 6 circular needles, 12-16” long; Size 6 DPNs;Yarn to fit gauge 17 sts x 24 rows = 4”

Start at Bottom:
CO 80 Sts on circular needle
Join and work 1x1 ribbing for 6 rows
Work in straight knit until a total of 7.5" from CO edge

Knit 10, knit 12 onto waste yarn, knit to last 22, knit 12 onto waste yarn, knit last 10
Next row, knit

Row 1: K1, ssk, knit to last 3, K2tog, K1
Row 2: Knit
Repeat rows 1 & 2 until 62 sts on needles
Rows 3-6: K without decreases
Row 7: K1, ssk, Knit to last 3, K2tog, K1
Repeat rows 3-7 four more times

Neck Decreases:
R 1: Leave 7 sts each side of center marker, knit stitches between
R 2 and All Even Rows: Turn and purl
R 3 and All Odd Rows: Leave 3 more sts ea side of ctr marker, knit stitches between
Rows 4-11: Repeat Rows 2 and 3
R 12-18: Knit

Work in 1x1 rib for 9 rows
Bind off loosely.

Arm Bindings:
Using DPNs, slip live stitches from waste-yarn onto needles (one needle for top stitches, second needle for bottom stitches) p/u and knit 24 to 28 sts around sleeve edges
Pick up three stitches on each side between live-stitches for a total of 30 stitches. Distribute comfortably on 3 or 4 needles
Join and work in 1x1 ribbing for 3 rows
Bind off loosely

Work in loose ends

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Do you think it's time for a new post?

Yeah, so do I.

Here's some stuff I've done in the last number of months.

I made a blanket for a cousin's new baby:
Duck Blanket

I made two little pink sweaters for different friends, each a new mom:
Lydia's Sweater

Lyric's Sweater

(I have quite a bit of this pink fingering weight wool. Even now, I still have a ton of it left. I don't know where it all came from, but I'm glad my friends are having girl babies!)

I made this sleevless silk sweater for my mom:

and I started a circular blanket only to discover I didn't like the yarn... so I tweaked the blanket, turned it into a hat, and made it for my daughter:

I've also done a TON of other things, but it seems that I'm bad at remembering to take pictures. Oops.

And finally, I'm not sure what the copyright laws are regarding taking pictures off someone else's website, so I'll just provide a link. Many of you know I sometimes make samples for KnitPicks. Here are a couple of things I've done for them recently:

Baby Kimono

Hiking Socks


Saturday, August 05, 2006

New Post At Last!

I made a mini-scrapbook last night. Here it is (captions beneath each photo):

Albion Castle Cover

Albion Castle Pages 1&2

The tag on the left page reads: "Albion Castle".
The text on the right page: "In June 2006, Penny and I stayed a weekend at her mother's home, Albion Castle, in Hunter's Point, San Francisco, while attending a class at San Francisco School of Law."

Albion Castle Pages 3&4
Tag on Left Page: "The castle was a brewery converted to a private residence, last purchased in 2005 by auction."
Text on Left Page: "Steep, uneven stairs yield to a beautiful front patio. I was surprised!"

Albion Castle Pages 5&6

Tag on Left Page: "Kitchen and Dining Room in the midst of remodeling."
Tag on Right Page: "Courtyard view from above."

Albion Castle Pages 7&8

Tag on Left Page: "The Master Suite"
Text on Right Page:
"There are three (or four?) other bedrooms in the castle, one on the other side of this bathroom, and one in each tower. They have not yet been "finished"--remodeling is a slow task.
The Master Suite, however, is beautiful and absolutely fit for a queen!"

Albion Castle Pages 9&10

Text on Left Page: "Directly across from the garage at Albion Castle is a stark reminder that we are, in fact, in Hunter's Point."
Text on Right Page:
"After we dropped off her daughter, Penny and I started our weekend by going out for dinner. We were, unfortunately, plagued by Jehovah's Witnesses and families with mean dynamics. Yeuch.
On Saturday, we went to a 1-unit class on Travel Law, and on Saturday evening, instead of reading the Travel Law book, we started sewing her wedding dress.
I don't remember much specific detail about the weekend, only that we laughed a lot, blamed everything under the sun on the Jehovah's Witnesses, and formed a strong friendship.
All law school courses should be so good!"

Saturday, January 28, 2006

latte @ Cafe Puccini

latte @ Cafe Puccini
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deco building

deco building
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no parking

no parking
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Market St

Market St
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Bay Bridge

Bay Bridge
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Sunday, September 04, 2005

I made some pillows for Teri...

out of an old silk shirt she didn't wear.

What do you think?


Front of Pillow One


Back of Pillow One


Front of Pillow 2 (made from the lining of the shirt--or perhaps it was reversible)


Back of Pillow 2.

I lined the silk with some cotton (bleached muslin) that I already had, and I had the buttons as well, so all in all these 100% silk pillow covers cost her nothing. Not a bad deal, hey? :)

Tuesday, June 21, 2005


These are the cushion covers I just finished making for a friend/customer in Maryland. I think they came out quite nice, don't you?

Chair Cushion
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Chair, obviously...

Couch Cushion
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and Couch. (Hmm, do you think these captions could be more boring?)

The gal I made them for is an antiques dealer. Her house was built in the early 60s, so she has redone it entirely in 60s style furnishings and findings. These 2 items will eventually be moved to the back patio, once it's finished being rebuilt. Isn't this just a fabulous color?

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Scrapbook Pages!

Here are some pictures of my recent scrapbook pages. They came out kinda small in the blog, but if you click on them, your browser should take you to the source file on where you can view a larger image as well as any notes which may be embedded in the file.

If you like any of the designs, feel free to scraplift! :)

Originally uploaded by Random Aimee.

Fall, 2004
(A rare one-page layout)

Originally uploaded by Random Aimee.

"Snow Day"
January, 2002

Originally uploaded by Random Aimee.

"Pumpkin Patch"
October, 2002

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"Beach Day"
November, 2004

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"Beach Day 2"
November, 2004

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"Christmas 2004"

Originally uploaded by Random Aimee.

"How Does Your Garden Grow?"
Spring, 2005